John 2:12-25 ~Jan 30, 2011

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The LORD spoke in verse 13 of the "Passover" of the Jews.  The "Passover," is the picture of the way of our salvation.  The LORD brought the Jews out of slavery of Egypt by having them take a lamb without spot, kill it in the evening on the 14th day of the first month, spread the blood of the lamb over the door, eat the lamb and be ready to leave, for the LORD would set them free.  That night the death angel passed over Egypt and brought death to every house that was not under the sign of the blood.  In the same way when we bring our lives under the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross we are delivered from the slavery of sin. The death angel passes over us for we have eternal life.

In verse 14 the LORD spoke to us of the temple.  First He spoke of the reverence we are to have for the temple of God.  Then He showed by scripture that His temples were built by His authority. See Exodus 25:8, 9 for the Tabernacle. Read about the first temple, Solomon’s temple, in 2 Chronicles chapters 5-7. The second temple, Zerubbabel’s temple is in Zechariah 4:8, 9.  Now, many try to use scripture to prove there will be a third temple built by man.  But, the only third temple that I can find in scripture is the one that God wants to dwell in and that is in you and me.  The Bible declares "What? know you not that you are the temple of the Holy Ghost" 1 Corinthians 6:19 and that we are being built into the temple for God through the Spirit , Ephesians 2:19-22.  The LORD asked us the question, "Do we consider our body as the temple? " If we did we would live completely different. Meditate on this. 

In verses 14-16 the LORD uses this passage to speak to us as the temple of God. He says we are full of merchandizing.  Ask yourself the question, "What does your mind dwell on mostly?"  If you are honest, you will admit your mind is mostly on wanting, buying and getting and not on worshipping the LORD.  The LORD wants to take the fan of the Holy Spirit into His house and thoroughly purge His house, Matthew 3:12.  This is what the LORD wants in us. He wants it with great zeal.  He wants our thoughts to be on Him, not on the stuff of the world.  When Jesus comes, His fan is conviction to drive the old merchandize loving nature out of us. 
Last of all, the religious leaders ask Him in verse 18 for a sign to prove that He has the authority to do this purging of the temple.  Jesus says the sign will be the new temple that He will build after 3 days.  Here the LORD spoke powerfully to me.  We are the sign.  We are His new temple that He built after His resurrection.  We are the sign that Messiah has come.    

Meditate on these things and learn. 

In this message, the LORD is showing us His desire and purpose for us.  He desires us to come into this "Personal Intimate Relationship" with Him as these first disciples did.  His desire is that we will do as these and go find others to receive Him, verse 12, and become disciples and Sons and Daughters of God working with Jesus to seek and save that which was lost from "The Fall."

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