John 2:1-11 ~ Jan 23, 2011

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The message of the LORD is to help us grow as disciples for the LORD.  The message of the LORD was from John 2:1-11.  The first thing that the LORD spoke to us about was in vss. 1- 2.  Jesus and His mother and family are invited to a marriage.  Here the LORD speaks to us of the importance of inviting Jesus into our marriages.  Jesus will not force Himself into your marriage but He did create you and wants you to live a fulfilling life.  He has the perfect plan for us but waits for us to ask Him, unlike the devil who is always trying to sell us on his way of sin and death.  One out of every two marriages in the church ends in divorce.  The reason, the LORD was not invited into the courtship. The LORD was not invited into the engagement and the LORD is not in marriage relationship. I do not have enough space here to go further but he LORD desires that you invite Him into your marriage and family that He may bring you wonderful life.

In vss. 3-5 the LORD spoke to us of His will and His permissive will.  This is what is happening between mother Mary and Jesus.  The LORD is saying that doing what she asks is not in the timeframe of the will of the LORD, but because she has said it Jesus is not going to appear to be disobedient to His mother or embarrass her. He will do this in His permissive will because the end will work out right. There will be many problems yet the LORD permits her request. Mary’s statement to Jesus is that "They have no wine."  In biblical spiritual language, wine represents the Life blood of Jesus.  Here the LORD speaks through Mary’s statement to cause us to examine our own relationship.  Do we have the covering of the Life blood of Jesus in our life and our relationship with our wife or husband? 

I John. 1:7 calls us to have fellowship one with another under the blood of Jesus Christ. Mary then makes a statement that should be the daily directive of our lives, "Whatever He saith unto you, do it."  Whatever Jesus says to us is for the best. But, we have to know what He says.  If we do not open the Bible, read and pray, we will not know.

Jesus tells the servants to fill the vessels with water. When this was done, the water was changed to wine.  In this, the LORD speaks to us. When we fill our vessel, our body, mind and soul with the water of the Word of God Ephesians 5:25, 26, when we fill up with the Word of God it is changed in us to the wine of the Life of Jesus Christ.  This is what the LORD is speaking to us.

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