John 17:11-23 ~ July 22, 2012

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     We have been looking and listening to Jesus as He prayed to the Father as He walked with His disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane.  The LORD has revealed this in the scriptures that we may see and learn of the great gift that He has given.  That we may continue to share this gift with the lost that are about us.  In John 17:11, the first thing the LORD wants us to see is that Jesus asks the Father to keep His disciples through the Fathers name.

      The word “name” comes from the idea of nature.  The name of a person is to give an identification of who the person is.  Remember Abram had his name changed by the LORD to Abraham meaning “the father of many” because he would be the father of the Jewish, Christian, Palestinian and Muslim people.  Then there was Jacob whose name meant “supplanter” meaning to take someone’s place by force of deception.  This he did as he took his brother’s birthright.  The LORD changed his name to Israel because of his zeal for the LORD.  Also, the LORD changed Peter’s name to be Cephas the Rock because he would be a source of strength in the band of disciples. 

     These names reveal the nature of the person.  In the same way the Father’s name reveals His nature in the Holy Spirit.  So the LORD Jesus is asking the Father to keep His disciples by His Spirit.  We need to look at how the Holy Spirit keeps.  First, I found that the Holy Spirit seals us, Ephesians 1:13, after we make our confession of our faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ for our sins.  

     Next, He convicts us or chastens us, Hebrews 12:6.  This means to discipline us as children so when we sin He, the Spirit of the Father, is there to convict us.  He dwells in us, 1Corinthians 6:19.  He does not cohabitate with other spirits.  He is our comforter/helper, John 14:15-16.  The Holy Spirit is like Jesus was to the disciples.  They were secure with Him.  He helped them to live holy.  So He does in us, His disciples.  This is how the LORD keeps those that are truly His disciples.

     In verse 14; the LORD said that the world would hate us.  The word hate means “to love less than.”  We understand from this is because the LORD has given us His Word, His teachings, to live by which are contrary to the way the world lives, this makes them to detest us.  They detest us because we live a righteous life which reveals their lives as being unrighteous.  This passage really spoke to me because it proved a point that I have been preaching that when a person is truly saved there will be an evidence of a new life in them.  That life will be changing to be like the life of Jesus.  1 Peter 4:1-4 declares that the world will think us strange or peculiar because we don’t run to the same life of sin that we once did.

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