John 17:1-11 ~ July 15, 2012

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     The LORD spoke to us from the scripture John 17:1-11.  He spoke of many things showing us that He was God.  In verse 2, we saw from the scripture that He has the authority to give eternal life.  This is something that we do not think about much because we are so focused on the “here and now” and there is no more fear of hell in the minds of the modern society.  Hell is a reality and as Isaiah 5:14 declares, its mouth is opening ever wider because multitudes are going there because they have lost the knowledge of hell and have no fear or reverence of it.  The LORD cried out to you, “I have eternal Life for whosoever will receive Me.  Eternal life is with Christ.  Many think heaven as just floating around but, in truth heaven means a life with Jesus on a restored earth, cleaned from the curse of sin, having no sickness and disease, no weeping or pain in a perfect world.

     Jesus said, in verse 3, that eternal Life is knowing Him.  This is what we have been hearing all through the book of John.  “Salvation is not in a prayer; salvation is in a relationship with Jesus that begins with a prayer.”  If you don’t have a relationship, knowing Him, you don’t have salvation.  To know Jesus starts by receiving Him, John 1:12.  This is being “born again” and being born of the Spirit as Jesus said in John 3:3-8.  Being born of the Spirit of God is the “Power” to become a child of God living eternally with Christ Jesus.  Knowing Jesus is being with Him in eternity, but not only in eternity but now.  Jesus said those that follow Him now will not walk in darkness which is the sinful life of the lost world, but they will walk (Now) in the Light that is following Jesus in a holy life John 8:12.  This is eternal Life.

     In verse 4, Jesus showed us that He had finished the work of salvation.  This is a truth that we must keep hearing because of our flesh.  If we don’t hear this, soon we will return to thinking that we have to do something for our salvation or to keep it.  The devil is always telling us this, trying to make us think we do not have salvation or we have lost it.  Then we feel we need to do something to get it back.  Jesus has finished the work of salvation.  He took us to Hebrews 10:4-10 to show us His work.  His work was to come into this world to be a human body that is the sacrifice for sin.  He was to be the one that would be before God as a sinner and would receive the punishment for the sin of mankind.  This was the only sacrifice that would take away the sin from mankind.  The bodies of animals given in sacrifice only covered the sin and did not take it away.  Only the body of a human, the body filled with the spirit of God, could go through death for sin, rise again and give life.  Only the body of Jesus the Son of God could take away the sin of mankind.  This was the work of the LORD Jesus Christ, to take away the sin of the world and to give His Life, His eternal Life to as many as would receive Him.  He has finished the work.  All we have to do is to receive what He did. 

     In verses 6-10, Jesus showed us what He had said to the Father in His prayer to Him.  This He speaks of all that have truly received Him and been born again.  He says to the Father, “I have given them the Gospel.  They have received it, kept it and do follow me.  I pray for them. I do not pray for the rest of the world.” 

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