John 16:4-15 ~ July 1, 2012

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     Last Sunday, the LORD spoke to us from John 16:4-15.  First, He spoke about the coming time of “Offence” in which the Church will be challenged by many new accepted ideas of the growing antichrist society.  These ideas will be contrary to God’s Word and will offend or deceive many Christians that are only religious and not born again.   He took us to 2 Timothy 4:3 which speaks of a time to come when the people will not endure sound doctrine because they are ignorant of the heart of God toward them. They will have not a reverence for His will which is to protect and keep them.  So, they only join churches that speak and preach of things that they want to hear.  The churches that preach the doctrines of God and what He wants become smaller and smaller.  The Lord has given us His Word that we will not be “Offended” and carried away with the multitude that will leave because the Word of the LORD is hard to the flesh.  In John 6, the multitude left Jesus as He preached the truth of the heart of God.

     The time that is coming is spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2:3.  This is called the time of “A falling way.”  1 Timothy 4:1 speaks of it as a time that some shall “Depart from the faith.”  This time is also called the “Apostasy.”  The LORD Jesus spoke of it in Matthew 24:24-25 when He said at this time there will be false prophets.  Their work will be so powerful that even the Elect of God will have a problem.  But, the LORD has given us His Word that we may learn and understand and not be carried away and offended.

     Next, in verse seven Jesus says to His disciples and to us that the only way that He can save, protect and comfort us is if He goes away because the Holy Spirit cannot come until He goes to the cross.  Jesus must go to the cross, take the sin of mankind upon Himself, receive the wrath of the God in our place, then rise from the death, receive the promise of the Holy Spirit the very life of Christ Jesus Himself and pour it out for all mankind.  Only those that seek Him and want Him will receive Him.  While Jesus was with them He could only be in one place at a time but through the cross, burial and resurrection He is now able to be in every one at the same time.  By this, the will of God is accomplished as it has been His desire to dwell in His people from the beginning, Isaiah 66:1-2.   In this, the LORD was speaking to us of the relationship He wants to have with us.   

     In verses 8-11, the LORD showed us how He wants to use us, His servants, to convince the world of the sin of rejecting Jesus as savior and convince the world righteousness that is possible in the life of Jesus.  He wants us to convince the world of Justice by the life of the Holy Spirit in us, the disciples and servants of God.

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