John 16:16-33 ~ July 8, 2012

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     First, the Lord spoke to us of the darkness of the soul that the disciples would experience as He went to the cross, died and was buried.  During this time the world would be happy that He, Jesus, was gone but they, the disciples, would be confused.  They would wonder about their faith.  Was it all true?  They would wonder what they would do now.  Their faith life with Christ had been everything and now they would be left empty with nowhere to look for hope.  They had been to the highest with Jesus but now it was all like a ship crashing into a rocky shore in a great storm all smashed to pieces.  Jesus was saying, “I am telling you now that you will endure this great storm in your soul.  It will be like the agony a woman goes through when she is giving birth, but just as it is when the child is birthed, there is great joy and so it will be with you.”  As the LORD taught us what He was teaching the Apostles, He told us that we are in a similar situation that is coming.  He has written of this in Holy Scripture 1 Timothy 4:1-2, 2 Timothy 3:1-5, 2 Thessalonians 2:3 and Matthew 24:36-39.

      It would be a time in which His teachings, morals and values would be marginalized, made to look like fairy tales, trashed and forgotten by the majority of the generation that is before us, a time in which if it were possible the very elect of God would be deceived.  This means just what the LORD had told the Apostles they would be going through being confused and wondering about their faith.  Was it all true or just a dream?  The LORD cried out in me as I preached that we would hear what He was saying and make ourselves sure in our faith.  He said that Noah preached about the coming cataclysmic flood for 120 years.  As he preached and worked building the Ark he called to the people to believe and get in.  In the same way there is a cataclysmic torrent of antichrist thinking coming upon the earth and the LORD is building another Ark.  This time the Ark is the Church.  Not a building but the people of God who have believed and received Christ Jesus as savior.  His preachers are building His Church, His Ark, by preaching and calling all who will to come in through receiving Christ and being Born Again. 

     Next, the LORD spoke to us from verses 23-28 saying, “In That Day” we must pray in the faith of the Name of Jesus, meaning the person of Jesus, standing in faith that He is and His teachings are the truth of God when all around everything of society says the opposite, Psalms 2:1-3.  The LORD said that His name, Jesus, was not an abracadabra, a magical term that would give you what you want.  The term “In the name of Jesus” means what you are asking for in prayer is in the will of God for the glory of God and the good His kingdom.  But, this is not the way most “so called” Christians pray.  Their prayers are more the example of the magical name rather than the latter, for the glory of God and His kingdom. 

     Last of all, the LORD spoke to us that His Church has stood on His name to have victory over the Jewish war against them, then the Roman persecutions, the Catholic persecutions and now we must stand in the Name of Jesus against the attack of the cult of technology and those who say we don’t need God anymore we have technology.

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