John 16:1-7 ~ June 24, 2012

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     Last Sunday, the LORD spoke to us from John 16:1-13.  From verse 1, He has given us His Word, His promise that we would not be offended.  To be offended means to have been wounded, to give up hope, to lose faith.  It is the desire of all true fathers to protect their children.  That is why they give instructions to exhort their children with their word to keep them from being deceived by those that want to steal, kill and destroy them.  This is why our heavenly Father, our creator, calls us to come together in Church to hear His Word.  So we will know the way we are to go and what and where we are to avoid.  Also, daily we are to read His instruction book, the Bible, to hide His Word in our heart that we would not sin, go our own way, Isaiah 53:6.

     Next, He spoke to us from verses 2-3 from the phrase “all of these things they will do unto you because they have not known the Father nor Me.”  Jesus was persecuted, as were the Apostles, by religious people.  These knew religion, had a relationship with religion but did not know the Father and Jesus. We will also be persecuted as the religious try to offend us and kill our faith.      

     The LORD talked to us about the words “tolerant and intolerant.”    The LORD spoke to us as well as the church universal saying that we in the church body, Americana, have been tolerant to those that are in the church who do not know the Father and the LORD Jesus.  These that do not know Him or the Father have stolen the name of Christian by displaying a lifestyle that is an abomination to the LORD.  Those that are of the true Christian Church have been “Tolerant”, standing by saying nothing because they might call us “Intolerant.” 

     The LORD said we are to be INTOLERANT. I Corinthians 4:1-2 states we are to be stewards, protectors, of the faith of Jesus Christ.  A steward or manager should not allow someone to come corrupt the faith.  The steward is to manage and keep the mysteries of God.  We are to be a peculiar or distinct people, Titus 2:14.  This means we must be INTOLERANT of those that are defiling the faith of Jesus Christ bearing His name and corrupting it.  The disciple of Jesus named Jude said that we must, “Defend the Faith that was once delivered to the saints” . . . by Jesus.  I believe the LORD is calling us to be “Intolerant stewards and defenders of the true Faith.”  Let us learn His Word and be INTOLERANT defenders of the true faith.

     Last, the LORD spoke to us from verses 4-7 saying one of the most fundamental truths of the faith of Jesus Christ that must be understood and protected.  In this truth, Jesus taught the disciples what they were to teach the Church as it is birthed on Pentecost.  This basic truth of the Faith was to be carried on down through the millenniums, centuries until this present time.  The basic fundamental truth was Jesus telling them that He was going to the cross so that He may fulfill the will of the Father from the beginning of time that He might dwell in His Children and not in buildings.  Without this, God the Father could not dwell in us because we are living the nature of sin.  Only through Jesus taking our sin and suffering the judgment of God for sin and receiving His righteousness can we have our Father dwell in us each one having personal relationship of with our LORD and savior Jesus.

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