John 15:9 ~ June 3, 2012

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     In John 15:9, the LORD tells us that He loves us as the Father loved Him.  Last Sunday He spoke to us of how the Father loved Him so we could see how He loves us.  First, He spoke to us from Psalm 2 showing that the Father said He loved the Son so much that He said, “Ask of Me . . . I will give thee the heathen and the uttermost part of the world for thy possession.”  This is how the Father Loved the Son.  In the same way this is how Jesus loves us.  He showed this to us in Revelation 2:26-28.  Notice that He gives us the same things that the Father gave Him in Psalm 2. 

     Next, He took us to John 3:35.  Not only did the Father give Jesus dominion over all the earth but according to this verse the Father also gave Jesus the whole operation of the Father’s plan to harvest a people from the earth to be His sons and daughters.  Once again we can see that Jesus loves His Church in the same way as He gives the Church the whole operation of the Father’s desire to harvest sons and daughters from the people of the earth.  In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus says, “all power is given me in heaven and the earth.  Go and make disciples of all nations.”  Mark 16:15 says go and preach the gospel in all the world.  The LORD did not give this privilege to angels or special people but rather He loves the church and has given this to His beloved Church.

     Then the LORD took us to John 5:19-22 where He shows us that the Father loves the Son (Jesus) and shows Jesus His heart.  Then He commits all Judgment into Jesus’ hand.  This is how much the Father loves the Son.  This then is how Jesus loves us for He said, “As the Father has loved me so I have I loved you.”  Jesus loves us by committing all Judgment into the Church’s hand.  In John 20:21-23, we see He says to the Apostles, “he said to them, Let the Holy Spirit come on you:  Any to whom you give forgiveness, will be made free from their sins; and any from whom you keep back forgiveness, will still be in their sins.”(BBE)  In 1 Corinthians 6:2, “Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world?” (KJV)

So Jesus loves us, the Church, as the Father loved Him.  He gives us dominion over the earth in His name.  He gives us the commission to bring forth the children of God for the Father and He gives us the judgment of the whole earth.  We will sit with Him in the millennium, the one thousand year period after the Rapture of the Church, Revelation 20:4.

     As disciples, we need to admit that we did not know this because we think of love in a totally different way than God’ love.  We need to repent and begin to walk in this love that the LORD Jesus has given to us.

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