John 15:10-16 ~ June 10, 2012

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     We continued to study the Word of LORD in John 15:10-16.  As a disciple, I find it amazing that as I study words, verses and chapters, the LORD continues to speak His heart to me.  We started out with verse 10 where the LORD said that His commandments were His love, but He said that we don’t see them that way.  I believe that this is true most of the time with all of us.  We think of the commandments as children think of their parent’s instructions.  They don’t see them as love.  As parents give instructions because we love and want to keep our children out of trouble, failure, hurt and even death.  It is the same with the LORD’s commandments.  The word of the LORD says that His Word is a lamp to our feet and a light unto our path Psalm 119:105.  We need the lamp light because we walk in darkness.  We do not know what will happen in the next minute, hour or day.  We do not know what someone else will do or what nature has coming.  We walk in a world that is full of danger from the wicked, the unstable and from nature itself.  But, our God gives us His love letter of directions to keep us, protect us with a hedge of protection Job 1:10, to be under the covering of His covenant Psalm 91:1 which are His commandments of love.  The LORD encouraged us to see His commandments in this way.  He took us to Psalm 119:33-40 that we may have the same heart as the writer.  Notice the cry of his heart as he says, “teach me . . . give me understanding.  .  . Make me . . . incline my heart . . . turn away mine eyes . . . establish thy Word unto thy servant . . . turn away my reproach . . . behold I have longed after thy precepts revive me in thy righteousness.”

     Next, the LORD spoke to us from verse 11 about His joy.  He said that His joy was to find the Joy of the LORD in us.  This is what He wants to find in us.  But, what does He find in our hearts?  This was the question He asked us.  This caused me to reflect on what had been my joy, was it the things of the world or was it the things of God?  I hope you reflected also.  Sadly I believe that the joy the LORD found was that of things of this world.  He exhorted us to direct our hearts in love to Him, His Word and His mission.  I know that when a person receives the baptism of the Holy Spirit the passion of their life will be His Word, His Church, His Life and His mission.  The commandments of the LORD will be their Joy.  This is what the LORD wants to find in our hearts. 

     In verses 12-15, the LORD spoke to us about being His friend.  The word means in the original “associate” those that have the same goal.  The LORD wants your partnership in the work of the Gospel.     

     Last, in verse 16 He talked to us about having fruit that remained.  If we live in His commandments and His Love, we will have the passion of the Holy Spirit and make true disciples that will remain.  They will not be as is the way of today, the inoculated, but will be those that have repented and turned to follow Christ.  He said if we walk in His love His commandments, His joy, being His partner then He may (be able) give you what you ask because your heart is as His.


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