John 15:1-8 ~ May 20, 2012

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     Last week the Lord spoke to us from John 15:1-8.  This message actually started in the last verse of chapter fourteen as Jesus says, “Arise let us go hence.” Hence means from here to the other side.  Jesus has been teaching the disciples all that they would need to know to build His Church after He has laid the foundation for it by going to the cross. 

     As Jesus walks, He either passes by grape vines that were all over Jerusalem or passes the temple gates that have the national symbol of Israel, the grapevine, carved on them.  Jesus takes the image of the grapevine to continue to teach the truths that they must teach by the Holy Spirit to the Church. Jesus teaches them that He is the “True” vine. 

     The grape vine was a symbol that most of Israel knew.  It was something that was taught to the children by their parents and in Synagogue from the Scriptures Isaiah 5:1-7, Jeremiah 2:21, Psalm 80:8-16.  They learned that Israel is the vine of God.  But, Jesus says I am the “True Vine” meaning that He is the one that God has planted in the earth to bring forth fruit unto God the Father. 

     The fruit of God can only come from Jesus.  Only those that come from Jesus are the fruit or children of God.  In John 14:6, Jesus declares that He is the way, the truth and the Life.  No man can come to God but by Him.  This does not mean Christianity because many think that because they have joined the church that they are the children of God.  Many who attend church and believe but have never joined think that they are the children of God because they believe and attend.  Only those that have been BORN of God can be the children of God.  The LORD referred us to this in John 1:12-13.  Only those that receive Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior and are born again by God, receiving the power of the Spirit of God are the children of God.  They are the fruit of the true vine. 

     Next, the LORD in verse 1 says that His Father is the “Husbandman” or vinedresser.  He is the one that has planted the vine and owns the vine.  All of the fruit is for Him.  There are two fruits those that are born into the earth.  They belong to God, Psalm 127:3.  The first fruit is the children.  We have the children for seventeen or eighteen years.  During those years the LORD has given them to us to raise for Him.  We are to teach them the ways of God.  The second is we are to go into all of the world with the gospel seed and plant.  Impart it to others that they will receive the life of the seed, the Spirit of the living God in them and be Born of God.  They belong to Him.  We belong to Him Psalm 100:3. 

     In verse two the LORD says that every branch in Him that does not produce fruit is a pretender.  It has no sap, no Holy Spirit in it and He will take it away.  If there is no evidence of the life of God, if there is no walking in the Word of God, no following the life of Jesus, no proclaiming of the gospel, that branch,  that person will be identified and they will fall away because they do not want to do the will of the LORD, the Word of the LORD.  The LORD will take them away as He did the multitude in John 6 by saying things that they could not receive, causing them to leave.  That is how the LORD takes them away from the true branches, the true Church. 

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