John 14:25-31 ~ May 13, 2012

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     Disciples I want to say at the beginning of this review of last week’s message of the LORD, that I felt the LORD pleading and entreating us through His Words in this passage.  The LORD spoke to us from the Gospel of John chapter 14:25-31.

     He first spoke of the comforter, the Holy Spirit, from verse 26.  The Holy Spirit would cause us to remember God’s law and would teach us how to live it.  Here the LORD challenged us by saying the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, can only teach and comfort those that have Him.  Remember, Jesus said in verses 15 and 16, “IF you love me KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS.”  Keeping His commandments requires a change in the way we live.  We have lived by the things we have learned in the world that do not follow the teachings of the Bible.  We have thought that the ways we have learned in the world were just life, good and bad.  But the commandments of the LORD are completely different than the ways of the world.  Jesus said in verse 15, “IF we keep His commandments He will pray and give us the comforter.” which we understand from verse 26 to be the Holy Spirit.  So we can only have the precious Comforter, the Holy Spirit, the life of salvation, if we keep His commandments.

     Many will ask, “Are you saying that I must keep all the commandments before I can be saved?  That sounds like the doctrine of Works.”  The LORD replies from His Word, Matthew 7:21, “Not everyone that saith Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of Heaven BUT he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” The will of the Father is the commandments, the teachings, the precepts that the Father has given for us to live by.  But wait a minute, you might ask, “Is Jesus saying before I can be saved I must do the will of the Father?”  No, He is saying that only those that receive His Words, receive Jesus, the living Word, will enter into heaven because as verses 15-16 say, “He will pray the father and He will give you the comforter, the Holy Spirit to teach you the commandments and bring them to your remembrance.”  This is salvation, when we repent and turn away from the thinking of the world and receive Christ as our savior and LORD.  Desiring to follow Him, He gives us His Spirit that gives us and teaches us His will, His commandments. 

     I felt the LORD crying through me because many even in our congregation still think they are saved but do not know the commandments of the LORD nor do they live by them.  The reason for this is because some of you have been inoculated by the modern church religion that says “you only have to believe that Jesus is the Son of God.”  But as the Bible says in James, “the devils believe but they will not be saved.”  But the question is, are you living by the commandments of the LORD?  You can only live by the commandments of the LORD if you have been truly saved by receiving Christ as your savior and LORD, receiving the power, of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter.  If you will repent, cast off your inoculation of religion, and cry out to the LORD, receive Him and the Holy Spirit of the New Birth you will be saved. Then you will begin to know the commandments of the LORD by the Spirit of the God and walk, live, by His commandments by the Holy Spirit within you.  If you are convicted by this, it is God crying to you to receive Him and He will give you the Holy Spirit, His conviction is His call of love to you.

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