John 14:15-17 ~ April 29, 2012

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     The message of the LORD came from John 14:15-25.  From verses 15 and 16, the LORD spoke to us that without repentance there can be no salvation.  In these verses He clearly says that we must turn our mind from following the ways of the world to following the commandments of the LORD.  He spoke to us that most Christians don’t know the commandments of the LORD but walk with the ways of the world.  They expect the Pastors to know the commandments but they do not know them.  This is how it was with the Hebrews at Mount Sinai when God had come down to speak to them to tell them of His heart.  The people could not tolerate what He was saying and they backed away and told Moses to go up, listen and then come back and tell them.  They could handle it from Moses but not from God.  The Word of God kills the flesh.  In other words, the commandments of the world tell us not to do the things of the flesh that are sin.  We enjoy life which for the most part is sin but when the Word of God comes we see that it is against the commands of God and kills our enjoyment of life. 

     As the apostle Paul said in Romans 7:9, “I was alive once without the Law, but then the Law came and revealed my sin and I died.” It is true that if we live life without living by the commandments of the LORD it allows sin that brings death, death in the sense of destroying our life our prosperity.  The LORD wants us to have a prosperous life.  That is why He has given us the commandments of His Life, but we must know them.  Most Christians are like those Hebrews who do not seek to know and learn just expecting the Pastors to know them.  They go through life destroying the abundant Life that Jesus said He had come to give us, John 10:10.

      The next word that He had for us was from verse 16.  He expressed that when we are truly saved, having repented from following the thinking of the world and have begun to learn and follow the commands of the LORD, we are sealed by the Holy Spirit.  He said He will give us the comforter, the Holy Spirit, forever, Ephesians 1:13.  This seal is a stamp or mark which would be used for ownership and oversight.  We are watched by the Spirit of Christ and kept from the darkness of sin.  He convicts us and as Hebrews 12:5-8 says He disciplines us, like a parent watching over a child.  When they see them doing something that is wrong, they stop them and discipline them.  He seals us to keep us from following the life of the flesh. 

     Next, He told us that those that are following His commandments see differently than those that live by the world’s way.  We see the LORD verse 21, the life of Jesus and the Kingdom of God John 3:3.  Those that walk according to the world think the commandments of the LORD are foolish, 1Corinthians 2:14.  That is why they walk, destroying their lives instead of living the prosperous life He has provided for us in Jesus.

     Last, He spoke to us that He will not leave us to be as orphans who have to fend for themselves using evil ways.  He says that He will be with us and come to us.  Verses 17,18 and 23 say that if we love Him we will keep His commands and the Godhead, Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit will come and live with us sealing us, protecting us and providing for us.         

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