John 14:1-3 ~ March 25, 2012

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I would like to speak about a statement made concerning the fact that I am still preaching through the book of John.  The person had read the Gospel of John many times and knew it well.  Maybe this is your thought also so I want to take just a few words to speak to this thought.  First, there are not many that have read the Gospel of John many times.  However, without going into the theological issues, I want to say that the LORD told me to teach the truth of this scripture.  There is much wrong dividing of the Gospel of John and I believe that the LORD has commissioned me to rightly divide the Word of truth, 2 Timothy 2:15.  This Gospel is the most popular, most misunderstood and the most important of the four Gospels.  So, I urge you to stay with me as I obey the LORD and study the Gospel of John again.  I think you will find as I have and most others that we will find things we did not know and have a greater understanding of salvation.  This will keep us from the false gospel that is popular on television, in many churches that want to boast membership and of those that want assurance they are going to heaven without the need to change their lives that will not have salvation that they thought they had.


Last Sunday, the Lord wanted us to have a true and clear understanding of His second coming and the Rapture of the church.  First, He spoke to us from the scripture the question, “Why hasn’t He come yet?” In 2 Peter 3:9, He showed that it was because of His longsuffering that He has waited thousands of years for you.  He is waiting until the last person will receive the Gospel.  He is waiting until the rest of humanity in this time has come to the fullness of the “Mystery of Iniquity”, 2 Thessalonians 2:5-7, and  has corrupted mankind where will none repent, Revelation 9:20-21.

The next question was, “To whom will He come?”  2 Thessalonians 1:6-9 declares clearly to whom He will come and to whom He will not.  He will come to be glorified in them that believe.  This word in the Greek means one that is committed totally to the one they are following, following in baptism, in church and the Bible.  Those that He will not come for are those He does not know or have a relationship with, those who do not obey the Gospel.

The next question was, “When will He not come?” The answer was from 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4.  He will not come until the “Apostasy” and the man of sin, the son of perdition (the antichrist) is revealed.   We are in the Apostasy now.  It is thought by most that the antichrist is alive somewhere in Europe but has not yet been revealed.

The last question was, “When will He be coming?” His answer from the scripture was found in Mark 13:24-27 and Matthew 24:29-31.  He will come after the tribulation of that day, a tribulation that has never been experienced in all of history nor ever shall be verse 19.  The events needed could happen suddenly and the end comes.  Please study this that you will know and be ready to declare the day of the LORD and the gospel so they that hear will be saved.

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