John 14:1-3 ~ April 1, 2012

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The LORD spoke to us last Sunday from His Holy Word John 14:1-3.  In chapters 13 through 16 Jesus has gathered His disciples together in the upper room to instruct them in what they are to do after He has gone back to the Father.  Jesus came into the world to save and deliver mankind from the judgment of sin that was against them.  But beyond that He came to establish a way through which mankind may receive the salvation that Jesus had provided after He has returned back to heaven and the Father.  Now He is establishing the foundational truths that His church, which He is going to build through these disciples, via the Holy Spirit, will continue to bring the gift of forgiveness, new life and eternal life after He has ascended back to the Father.

In this message to us He first focused on the word “Believe.”  This is a word that is uses regularly in the daily vernacular of our discourse.  It is used normally without much evidence just based on feelings.  So as we read this word in Jn.14:1, we could also interpret this word in the same way without much thought.  But this word is going to be the foundation of our stability going forward as a Christian, going forward as a Church and going forward in the mission of the LORD.  As these disciples would go forward with the Great Commission to build the Church they are going to encounter a great mass of sinful, guilty, wicked servants of the flesh, the world and the devil that would connive, scheme and plot against them with a vengeance as they did against Jesus Christ.  Jesus never doubted who He was and what He was suppose to do though a veritable army was arrayed against Him.  In the same way this is going to happen to these Apostles as they go to carry out mandate of the LORD.  In a relay race each runner is equally important if one drops the gauntlet the whole team loses in the same way a team is put together to win a game and if one drops the ball so to speak the team, its purpose or mission will fail.  So Jesus had established salvation but now the team that He has assembled they must overcome this army  arrayed against them and carry out the difficult task of winning souls to Christ and assembling them together in churches to learn the teachings of Christ to follow Him, from Jerusalem to the utter ends of the world.  To do this is going to require a “Belief” that is beyond the normal understanding of the word “Believe.”  This word means in the Greek “To have faith, to entrust ones well being to, to commit your life into the hands of another, to entrust.”  These Apostles will overcome many conflicts in going into the world giving up everything even their own lives but they will not drop the ball, they will be used of the LORD by the Holy Spirit to establish His Church and this they will do because they “Believed.”  Today it is our time to carry the ball.  The same army of skeptics, scoffers and the wicked are arrayed against us and those that are sidelined taken out of the way by them are those that don’t believe the things that Jesus is teaching for us to take to the new core of believers for our time.  Do you believe in the way that Jesus calls for us to believe?  I pray that we will be a congregation of those that believe and stand and deliver the gospel against all odds.

Pastor Gene

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