John 1:40-41 ~Jan 16, 2011

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Now let us review what the LORD was saying. In John 1:40- 41, the LORD shows us Andrew, a man that was looking forward to the coming of Messiah.  We saw in verses 35-39 that He had seen Jesus and knew He was the Messiah so he followed Him. Andrew entered into a "Personal Intimate Relationship" with the Messiah, Jesus.  This is what the LORD wants us to do, follow and become a disciple. One that is with Him in His mission, first follows and learns His way, His teachings, and sits at the feet of Christ Jesus and learns from His lips, His Word.

When Andrew had entered into this relationship, he "First" went and found his brother Peter and brought him into this relationship with the Messiah, Christ Jesus.  When Peter came to Jesus and entered into this relationship the LORD gave him an epithet (a descriptive title) to his name.  This title would be Cephas which means a foundation stone.  So, his name would be Simon Peter the Cephas or Kephas from the Hebrew Keph (The foundation stone, Rock.)  The LORD showed us from His Word, Revelation 2:17, that He has a new name for each of us that describes our place in the Kingdom of God as disciples.  He calls us to grow into our new name. He will tell you if you ask Him. 

The next day, Jesus goes and finds Philip who was a man seeking the Messiah.  We don’t know what Jesus said to him, but He must have revealed Himself to Philip, Spirit to spirit.  This meeting was so true that Philip like Matthew left everything and followed Jesus and entered into a "Personal Intimate Relationship". Jesus wants all of us to enter into this type of relationship.  After being with Jesus, Philip, like Andrew, is so stirred in his spirit that he has to go find his friend, Nathaniel. Like Philip, he was a man that lived and breathed yearning for the Messiah.   Nathaniel had been praying to God under a tree and Jesus knew him for He is the God Nathaniel was praying to. 

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