John 13:33 – 14:1-6 ~ March 18, 2012

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     The LORD spoke to us through His Word from John 13:33-14:6 about two very important truths.  First He spoke to us about love.  He said that love by Christians would be the sign that the world would see and it would greatly affect them.  This love that Jesus is speaking about is as He says, “As I have loved you.”  The love that Jesus loved the Apostles then and the Church today is not love as we know and define as love.  We understand love in two different ways.  One is the Greek word “Eros” speaking about erotic sexual love.  The second is “Philo” which speaks about brotherly love.  Both of these loves are love that takes from the loved one.  Jesus is speaking about a third kind of love defined in the Greek word “Agape.”  This love is the God kind of love that the Father showed in giving His own son to be the propitiation, the “sin bearer, law satisfier,” the sacrificial Lamb that would bear the sin and the wrath of God for sin and say nothing to defend Him.  According to Philippians 2:5-8 Jesus loved us in this same way.  We see from the scripture that He laid down His form as God, put on a form as one of us and came to earth to suffer first being among us sinners and then to go to the cross and hell and be the sacrifice, the propitiation, delivering us from the penalty of sin and eternal death.  This is the kind of love that Jesus is calling us to show one to another.  In Philippians 2:1-4, the scripture also exhorts us to love each other in this agape love.  This kind of love cannot come from just a decision.  It comes from giving ourselves to the Spirit of God that is in us, following His leading and not the leading of the flesh.  The LORD calls us to give ourselves to Him and let His love flow out of us.  If we have anger with each other, if we gossip about each other, if we fight against each other, we are not living in the love of the Spirit of God; we are living in the flesh.

      The next major point Jesus spoke was in His response to Peter’s comment that he would die for Him.  In this instance, Peter’s death would not bring salvation to mankind.  The LORD said to us that there is a death that will be beneficial to mankind.  Jesus said from Luke 9:23-24 that we are to “Deny” ourselves daily.  We are to lay down our lives and take up the life of Jesus.  The most enlightening point that He brought out was the reality that you can’t take your old life into the new life.  Taking your old life into the new life would be like taking a “Deep sea diving suit” with the weighted shoes and the big round helmet and cables supplying oxygen into your life on land.  Imagine trying to get into your car wearing this suit.  This suit was needed under water but on land it would be a hot, heavy, cumbersome burden.  It is the same way with our old life of sin in the world.  It is first of all a life of sin which is normal with the people of the world but the new life is a life of righteousness and holiness in the presence of a holy God.  The new life is eternal in heaven and the old life is eternal in hell the two cannot exist together.  Let us lay down the old life and take up the new life daily.


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