John 13:17-38 ~ March 11, 2012

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     Last Sunday the LORD spoke to us from John 13:17-38.  In verses 18 & 21 we see how the LORD loves sinners and works to the end trying to bring them to repentance.  Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray Him from the beginning but in these verses we see Jesus doing everything to try to get Judas to repent from the conspiracy he has already put into place, Mark 14:10.  When he was reprimanded by Jesus for complaining about Mary’s, the sister of Lazarus, anointing Him for His burial, Judas was like many that want to use Jesus for their plan.  When he saw that Jesus was not going to take over the seat of the Jewish government, the Sanhedrin, as Judas desired but was going to give Himself as a martyr it was too much for him.  Judas went to the Jews, the leadership of the temple, and told them he could bring Jesus to a place where they could take Him.  Jesus knew this from the beginning but hoped against hope that He would be wrong, which He never is but He wanted to be. 

     As a Pastor I know this feeling and have experienced this over my years of ministry.  People have come into the churches I have pastored, very talented people that had an idea of what they thought the church should be doing.  The LORD has given me a clear direction of what we should be doing.  It is stated in the vision the LORD has given, that the church is to be, “A congregation of disciples, learning, living and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and making ready a people prepared for the LORD.”  I have watched these very nice people try to direct me in a way that they think the church should be going.  When I did not follow their lead, they turned on me and tried to destroy me.  I have to say that through it all I loved them and pitied them and tried to restore them.  Jesus loved Judas and did not want to see him suffer in hell where He knew he was going. 

     This is the kind of love that Jesus has given to us in His Spirit which He poured out upon us by the Holy Spirit.  If we could all walk in the Spirit of love that the lord has given to us, we would try to restore sinners instead of casting them away, checking them off and keeping them from fellowship.  This is one thing I found out about the past leadership of this church that I did not know when I came.  They had a secret which was to keep out the undesirables from this church.  Jesus came to win the undesirables like Mary Magdalene, the prostitute, Matthew, the evil tax collector, and many stinking fishing men.  Jesus wants us.  We were undesirables.  Even though we might not think so, we were.  Jesus wants us to get His heart and go and make the undesirable desirable by the gospel and the new birth.

     One other important thing that we learned, if you consider the thoughts of the devil as Judas did, John 13:2, and do not cast them away he will eventually enter into you and possess you, John 13:26-27 and take you over.  King Solomon loved many women and built temples in Jerusalem for their pagan Baal gods and eventually wound up actually worshiping them bringing an end to his favor with God and the loss of his kingdom 1Kings 11:1-11.

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