John 13:1-17 ~ February 26, 2012

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     The LORD began last Sunday by speaking of “His Hour”.  It had come.  This hour is very important because it is the event in time when Jesus the Christ would lay down His life.  He would take upon Himself the sin of the world becoming the “Propitiation.” This term is one all disciples should know.  It means “The sin baring Law satisfier.”  Jesus is our “Propitiation”, giving the gift of the Grace of God to all that will receive Him as savior and LORD according to the plan of God before the foundation of the world. 

     Next, the LORD talked about His love for His own.  He loved us so much He laid down His form as God in heaven and took upon Himself the form of a man with all the temptations and trials we face, Philippians 2:5-8.  He loved us and even took accusations and was derided by those He loved.  He loved us so much that He took our place in judgment by taking our punishment for sin, giving us His righteousness, 2 Corinthians 5:21, on the cross and the suffering of hell.

      In verse 2, the LORD showed us what can happen to us if we give the devil a place in our lives, Ephesians 4:27.  Judas gave the devil a place in his life by trying to use Jesus to fulfill his own scheme.  This is something that many do without realizing what they are doing.  Many feel that if they have Jesus, He will get them what they want because they have taken Him as their savior.  Judas wanted Jesus to take over the Sanhedrin and to use His power to remove Rome from their nation and restore the Kingdom as it was in the time of David.  This was not Jesus’ plan as we know.

      Judas kept hearing Jesus talk like a martyr, not a conqueror.  Then when Jesus rebuked him for saying something about Mary’s anointing Him with the expensive ointment, it was the final straw.  Judas schemed again this time to use the Sanhedrin to see Jesus’ power and then take Him, make Him King of the Jews and take on the Romans.  All this scheming of Judas was the place into which the devil could enter in and carry out his plan of corruption and defeat of Messiah. 

     The LORD spoke to us that using Jesus for our plans and desires is the space that the devil can use to bring disgrace upon the name of the LORD.  This is exactly the problem with the church in America.  It has become infiltrated with the schemes of the “Name it and claim it” theology.  From the extreme of the Charismatic church even into the mainline conservative churches, the churches so much want to please people and bring them in that they try to meet people in their need.  Our needs are hedonistically (all about us) motivated.  The message of the LORD is don’t give the devil space in our life; give our life for the cause, the mission of Jesus.    

      In verse 3, the LORD spoke to us of “Vision”, Proverbs 29:18.  Jesus knew who He was and what He was to be doing.  This came as He was taught the Word of God.  In the same way, knowing who we are, what we are to be doing and where we are going is power and strength and joy that come from the Word of God.

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