John 12:37-50 ~ February 19, 2012

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Last week, the LORD spoke to us from the Gospel of John 12:37-50.  The first truth He spoke to us was concerning those that reject and resist the Grace of God.  In verses 35-36, Jesus declared the Grace of God that had come to the world from God.  This Grace came in the light or revelation of the life and words of Jesus that were life and health.  It is if He was saying to these religious people, “This is your last chance for eternal life.  Please take it.”  Then we read that Jesus went and hid Himself, which was the last effort of the LORD to reach these religious Jews.  From that time forward, Jesus would be alone with His disciples and His Father until His death on the cross. 

In verses 37-41, the LORD wants us to understand a truth; a reality that though God’s Grace is for all, all are not for God’s Grace.  Within Christianity, there are those that believe in what is called in theology “The Irresistible Grace of God.”  They believe that you cannot resist God’s Grace so they believe that when God gives His saving Grace to you that you will be saved or delivered, you cannot resist.  Yet here in the 12thchapter we see these religious Jews that have been given the truth from the author of Truth, Jesus Christ, and as is said in verse 37, “Though He did so many miracles before then yet they believed not.”  The LORD shows us that the wonderful Grace of God can be resisted.

The LORD showed us in John 9:39-41, Jesus came into the world to bring the light of each ones heart that was either toward Him or against Him.  As He came, the light of God, He caused these Jews to see the truth of their heart. Their eyes and ears were closed to Him.  He showed them that He knew that He was the Messiah but they were already planning to get rid of Him.  So, He made those that see that He is Messiah to become blind.  Because of the hardness of their heart, they resisted the truth of the Gospel and entered into hell at death eternally even though Jesus left heaven to come down and give them the light of the Gospel to be saved.  Also, He came revealing the Light to those that were blind.  They did not know and they saw and received Him, John 1:10-12, and began to walk in the Light of God’s truth.

Next, in verse 42, the LORD spoke to us about those that believe but do not confess Jesus publicly.  He showed us that these feared man and not God.  In Matthew 10:32-33, Jesus declares that anyone that does not confess Jesus as LORD and Savior publicly, He will not confess them before His Father as those He has saved.  We must confess Him LORD and Savior before the church.  We must confess Him LORD and Savior daily to the world and we must confess Him daily by living the life of Christ before the world. Those that do not confess Him publicly are in the same predicament as those with hard hearts.  As in the verses above, they both will enter into hell eternally even though Jesus came to bring to them salvation. 

In verses 46-50, Jesus declares it is by words that we make decisions and He is come with God’s Word, the Gospel.  Those that believe and receive will not live in darkness, sin, anymore.  Let’s confess Him with our words and our lives and live in the Light of His Word and not in the darkness of the life of sin that is common in the world.

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