John 12:35-50 ~ February 12, 2012

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Last week the LORD spoke to us again on the important point revealed in John 12.  He had spoken to us the week before on this but it was so important that He wanted to speak to us again that we would get this truth clearly anchored in our heart and mind.  In the twelfth chapter of John, we see that Jesus is entering into Jerusalem at the time of the Passover.  Jesus had done many miracles and had proclaimed words to the people that they had never heard before.  These words gave the people hope, hope they had not had for a long time, hope that God was coming to them to deliver them from their captivity.

As Jesus entered into Jerusalem after the miracle of raising Lazarus from the dead, the people were sure that He was Messiah and He was coming to restore the kingdom.  They began to shout the very scripture they had learned as children Psalm .118:26 “Hosanna, Hosanna blessed is He that comes in the name of the LORD.”  They believed that the Messiah was coming to restore the kingdom as it was under King David.  But they, like Christians of today know a little bit of the Word of God but not the whole Word.  The Scriptures show the Messiah coming to deliver His people.  They assumed that that meant deliver them from their enemies.  What they did not understand was that their enemy was their life of sin in the flesh, Romans 3:23, “All have sinned,” Romans 6:23 “The Wages of sin is death.”  They didn’t know that mankind was in sin and needed a savior.  They did not know God had a plan that He would come in the Last Days to deliver mankind from the enemy of sin. 

The point that Jesus wanted us to get anchored into our hearts and mind was that you cannot restore a sinner.  They thought Jesus was coming to restore the kingdom.  You cannot have a kingdom without people that are truly the people of God to live in His holy kingdom.  Jesus did not come to restore but to bring forth the kingdom.  Jesus said in verse 23, that He was the seed that would bring forth those that would be like Him.  He was going to have to give Himself to death and burial to bring forth the kingdom people.  Jesus went to the cross and there took the wrath of God for our sins cleansing us.  He then died, went to hell, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven to pour out the promise of the Holy Spirit to those that would receive Him, John 1:10-12.  This would bring forth the new creations for the kingdom.

The point is, you cannot restore a sinner.  Sin must die.  The kingdom is made of people that have heard the Gospel, laid down their life and died to this world.  Christ did not restore the kingdom He brought the kingdom of new creations.

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