John 1:15-18 ~Dec 26, 2010

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In these verses of Holy Scripture and by the His anointing, the LORD spoke to us in verse 16 that He has given us His Grace, the Grace that is the same Grace as His.  He has given us His fullness.  It is His desire that we would be like Jesus, Philippians 2:12-13 and Romans 8:29.  The LORD called us to give ourselves to Him that we may a people that have the Grace, the life, the personality and character of Jesus Christ.

     The LORD spoke to us that Moses brought the Law but Jesus Christ brought Grace.  Many say that since we have Grace we are not under the Law, we are free.  They don’t know what the Word of the LORD declares about the Law.  The Law is a wonderful thing from God and will be forever.  The Law keeps us from the things of death.  The Law is like our parent telling us those things that protect us and keeping us from those things that hurt.  The Grace of God GIVES to us the New Life sent into this world through the death of Jesus on the cross.  The Law keeps us or protects us, and Grace gives us or empowers us. 

     The LORD had me to go through the Ten Commandments to make the point that the Commandments are a gift from God.  First, we are not to have any gods other than the one and only God Jehovah, Isaiah 43:10-11.  In this the LORD protects us from being deceived into wasting our time and energy worshipping and calling on an entity that is not there, Psalm 115:4-8.  Second, we are not to make or bow down to any idols.  It is a waste of time as we have seen in Psalm 115:4-8.  They are the works of men’s hands and can do nothing.  Third, we should not take the name of God vainly. If we are going to take His name as savior i.e. Christian, we are to give ourselves completely to Him.  Just as a bride takes the name of her husband and declares she will be faithful to him to bring honor to her husband’s name, our lives should be to honor our name sake.  Fourth, keep the Sabbath Holy.  Keep this day for the LORD.  Fifth, we are to honor our parents.  This is to keep society from anarchy, lack of respect for authority.  This begins in the family.  Sixth, we are not to kill, meaning to murder.  This is to protect your life.   The Seventh, is to protect the core element in the social structure of mankind, the family.  Adultery destroys families and corrupts the children, making them the elements to destroy the future family structure of mankind.  Eighth, do not to steal.  Ninth, do not lie.  Tenth, do not to lust after what is someone else’s.  This is to protect us from the disrespect of our fellow mankind.  This is the Word that the LORD spoke to us let’s give ourselves to it.

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