John 11:11-27 ~ December 4, 2011

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This week, the LORD spoke to us from John 11:11-27.  The first thought is from verses 9-10.  Jesus was teaching the disciples and us that there is nothing that He doesn’t know.  Nothing has ever occurred to Him.  Jesus doesn’t forget and then remember.  He knows.  Jesus is the Light.  There is no darkness in Him.  He knows everything all the time.  Jesus wants us to know that He knows everything about us, all that we are going to go through and what we are going to do when we go through.  In Proverbs 3:5- 6 instructs us not to lean to our own understanding because it is operating in darkness.  That means don’t depend on our own understanding.  It is faulty.  It doesn’t know what is going to happen in the next five minutes, the next day, the next week and so on.  The enemy, the devil, has set up traps, troubles, imprisonments and death everyday.  We are walking into them because we walk by our understanding.  The LORD says to us, “Acknowledge Him in All our ways and He will direct our paths.”  The LORD wants to save us not only from hell but also from all of those traps, troubles, imprisonments and death that the enemy has set up for us.  He can only save us when we look to Him in what we do and not to our understanding. 

Next, He spoke to us about misinterpretation of scripture.  We saw in verses 11-13 the disciple’s misinterpretation of what Jesus was saying.  The LORD took this occasion to speak to us of the church,  disciples of Jesus, of the monumental detrimental misinterpretation of scripture that is happening.  This misinterpretation has caused the church to become ineffective and worthless to the salvation of humanity.  Scripture told us that this would happen 2Timothy 4:3-4, Jude vs.4.  The LORD said the reason for this because of the modern health, wealth and prosperity doctrine which has turned the hearts of many from the doctrine of Christ, seeking the Kingdom of God, the life of the kingdom, holiness and righteous living, to the doctrine of hedonism, a life of self pleasure.  In other words, many interpret Holy Scripture with the motive of self pleasure and not what the LORD has said.  Remember Jesus said that we are to deny ourselves and lay down our lives and take upon ourselves the life of Jesus.  When we take upon ourselves His life, He will provide all our needs.  We don’t have to worry about attaining what we need.  We will then be freed to follow the LORD.  The LORD shows we can interpret Holy Scripture in the way that the LORD meant it to be.  The LORD has created a system by which we can learn how to discern what the message of the LORD is in the scripture.  The system is His church. 

He said, “I will build my church.”  It is within the church that we learn by the gifts that the LORD gave to the church as He ascended into heaven Ephesians 4:8-11.  The gifts are teachers, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers.  These are to teach the church how to understand the Word of LORD, Matthew 28:18-19.  This is discipleship; this is walking in fellowship with the LORD.  The disciple learns how to correctly interpret the word of the LORD.  The LORD is calling all to become disciples by committing to be involved in the teaching and instruction of the LORD being taught in the Church by the gift of the LORD. 

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