John 11:1-15 ~ November 27, 2011

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Let’s look again at what the LORD spoke to us as we assembled together as His Church to listen to Him through the reading and preaching of God’s Word.  The LORD spoke to us that He did not intend for His Word to only be for those in the first century because His church extends far beyond the borders of Israel and that time.  His Church extend around the world and in every period of time and it is His will that everyone that has received Jesus as their LORD and Savior should hear what He has to say.  We as disciples of Jesus Christ are the only ones that know this, to those who are not true Christians the Bible is just a book, but to us it is a letter empowered by the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts. 

Now in Jn.11:2 the LORD used the mention of Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus to express His heart as to the true character and life of His disciples.  In this verse Mary anoints the feet of Jesus, why did she do this?  We found out that Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem and the cross.  Jesus had been telling the Apostles that He was going to Jerusalem and there He was going to be beat, whipped and crucified and die but He would rise from the dead Mk.8:31, 9:31, 10:33-35 but they did not hear Him for they were all thinking or their own status and situations.  They would not hear, but Mary was the one that listened.  In Lk.10:38-42 tells us an account that shows the devotion by which Mary would listen to Him, He said she had chosen the “Better Part” and it would not be taken from her.  The “Better Part” was she was listening that she may serve His concerns she was not like Martha her sister who was assuming what the LORD wanted her to do.  Jesus could have supplied the food for this gathering, He did not need her rather He wanted her to stop and listen to Him.  In Jn.11:2 the Word recounts that Mary comes in and anoints Jesus with this costly ointment and the house was full of the fragrance.  This fragrance was from the ointment that was used upon those that had died, that the remembrance of the loved one would be precious.  When Jesus would go to the cross there would be no opportunity to anoint His body because of the Sabbath, so Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus had to wrap His body had brought spices, but not the kind for anointing, and placed Him in the tomb.  Mary was the only one listening to the Master she had done it in 11:2.  Jesus says because of her listening and acting to anoint Him she would be honored Mt.26:10-13.  What is the LORD saying to us in this?  He is saying this is what He desires from us.  That we would be disciples that listen and then do His will, not like Martha doing what we think He wants done.  Jesus speaks to us of those that do what they think and do not listen, do not have a personal relationship with Him in Mt.7:21-23 these were doing all kinds of works in His name but He had not told them to do those things.  See He says “Depart from me you that are lawless I never knew you,” never had a relationship with you, you did not listen to me, when we listen, our home, our body will be filled with the fragrance of cross of Jesus, the Gospel.

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