John 10:31-42 ~ November 20, 2011

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     As we finished up the tenth chapter of John we have been hearing the Message of the LORD from the book of John for almost one year.  As we came to John 10:40-41, the LORD went back to the place where He first began His public ministry, where the He was baptized by John the Baptist.  The LORD had me summarize and review what He has been saying to us.  I pray that you have been studying and remembering, for these are most important truths that we as disciples are to know and to teach others.   

     In John 1-3, the LORD first proved that He was the Messiah and that He came to give us the provision of His Grace that we could become the children of God we were created to be.  In John 1:12, He declared by His Word that as many as RECEIVED Him to them He would give the power to become a child of God.  The word “power” means “the right of privilege,” to access all the privilege and power of the Holy Spirit to become a child of God. 

     In John 3:3-8, He taught us that to receive this power is to be “Born Again” of the Spirit.  With this spiritual birth we receive the Life of the Holy Spirit by which we can see the Kingdom of God and enter into it. 

     In John 5-6, He taught the principal that you cannot have this new life unless you are willing to let go of the old life.  In John 5:1-9, Jesus used the healing of the man crippled from his birth to show us this.  This man had been laying there for thirty eight years and had in his mind accepted the life as a crippled knowing how to exist.  When Jesus told him to “Rise, take up thy bed and walk”.  He had to decide which life he was going to live, the life of a cripple having to be carried by friends or the life of a man able to walk.  He could not take the life of cripple with him and live the life of a walking man.  He had to decide to leave one and take the other.  He could not have them both.  In the same way we must decide which life we are going to live, the life of a sinner following the ways of the Godless world or the life of a child of God following the ways of the Spirit of Christ.

     In Chapter 7, He began to teach us of the “secret things” of the LORD; the New Birth, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Baptism into Christ and the opening of the Word of God to the secret truths of life and the secret of a spiritual relationship with the LORD through the Holy Spirit (John 14:16-18) that we receive at New Birth.

     In John 8:12 and 9:7, we see that this secret relationship is in “following” the Word of God and in John 10:4- 5 “knowing’ means being intimate with the LORD and hearing His voice.  So to concisely sum up what we were taught; receive His Life and power in the Holy Spirit, by giving up completely the old life of the world and enter into a relationship with Jesus following Him in His Word, in the Bible and in fellowship in church.  Remember, “Salvation is not in a prayer.  It is in a relationship that begins with a prayer, no relationship no salvation.”      

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