John 10:27-42 ~ November 13, 2011

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Last week the Lord spoke to us from John 10:27-42.  In verse 27, the LORD identifies what it means to be His disciple, His sheep, a true Christian.  This is very important.  The LORD wants all to know and to examine themselves.  In this modern world, where the lines of what is true are growing very dim, the LORD is able to come with light to make all clear to His precious loved ones.  That is why He has sent His preachers with the truth, to bring clarity so we can see where we are, and the truth of our future.  Jesus shows us that His disciples, His sheep, “Hear my voice.”  To hear has two meanings.  One meaning would be to hear but not to listen.  The other is to listen to what is heard.  The sheep or disciples of Jesus are those that not only hear the LORD speaking, but listen, follow and obey His Word.  The LORD is always speaking to all of mankind because He loves the world.  He is not willing that any of His creation should perish, go to hell.  I have been preaching for many years and it is a little unsettling to me to see many that come and hear but do not listen to what the LORD is saying.  He is pleading.  Hearing or listening to the LORD is what determines if one is truly saved, truly in a relationship of salvation with Jesus. 

Next, the LORD says, “I know them.”  The word “know” means intimacy.  It means to be close, to know one another.  How can a person know or be intimate with someone that cannot be seen?  If a person can hear and follow someone they cannot see it is because the voice they hear is in their heart or their spirit.  They have a relationship of prayer.  They tell their shepherd, the LORD, what is in their heart and  what is their need as they seek direction.  Then they wait and listen to what He says to them.  Remember, “My sheep hear My Voice.”  The LORD says I have a voice and I will speak into your heart.  You walk in darkness not knowing what is ahead of you but I live in Light and see.  It is my desire to guide you, to lead you through all the trouble lands, all the enemy traps that are set for you.  You must hear and follow, meaning you must LISTEN and follow.  The scripture says, “There is a way that seems right unto man but the ends of it are death.”  When man follows his own way and does not listen to the LORD in His Word and by His Spirit, the end will be death. 

Next, the LORD says that His disciples, His sheep “Follow Him.”  You follow by listening and obeying what is being said.  You hear by listening to the preaching of the Word, by reading the Bible, by praying and listening to what the LORD says to you according to His Word in your heart.  By this, the LORD tells us, His disciples, His sheep, He says He has eternal Life for us.  Jesus is eternal Life.  The only way that one can have eternal Life is by being in a relationship with Jesus, being known by Him and following Him.  Examine yourself and see whether you are in a relationship with Jesus and are His disciple, His sheep.  This is Life and Death.  How can I know for sure?  If you are in a relationship, you will know because you hear and follow.  If you are not in a relationship with Jesus, stop NOW and pray and give your heart to Him.       

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