John 10:1-6 ~ October 19, 2011

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    Last week the LORD spoke to us about understanding that in the first verse He was speaking to the religious, then, and now.  The religious are those that know who Jesus is and are in the Church but still want to be saved by their own fulfillment of religious rituals and good worksThe religious do not humble themselves by confessing that they are sinners and that only Jesus can save them.  Jesus calls them thieves and robbers because they steal the souls of the people away from the truth of receiving Jesus as their LORD and Savior.  They rob the people of true salvation, making them even more the soul destined for hell than they were before, Matthew 23:15.  These people, called the “thieves and robbers”, unknowingly are the instruments of the ultimate thief, the devil.  These all were before Jesus, verse 8. They were the religious leadership that grew up out of the priesthood that the LORD had created to point the people to Him.  They are as Lucifer, the most beautiful angel that stood before God.  Lucifer was to point the souls to God but was corrupted with his beauty and position and wanted the souls of mankind to worship him.  So are they in the church in religion.  They want your worship and praise and seek to steal you away from the LORD Jesus.

      Then the LORD spoke to us of the most important truth.  He showed us by parable that salvation is in relationship to Him.  Remember, “Salvation is not in a prayer.  Salvation is in a relationship that begins with a prayer.”  If there is no relationship, there is no salvation.  Jesus calls us sheep, Psalm 100:4.  The church is the sheepfold, Psalm 23:6.  The porter is the Holy Spirit, John 14:16-17.  In verse 3, we see that the Holy Spirit opens the door of our minds to the true shepherd, Jesus.  The sheep hear the LORD’s voice and follow Him.  This key point, “They follow Him”, is relational.  To follow is to be with.  We can only “be with” if we are in a relationship with Jesus.  In John 12, Jesus declares that He is the Light of the world.  If any “follow” Him they will not walk or live in darkness or sin.  Jesus says in verses 4-5 that the sheep follow Him or are in a relationship with Him because they “Know” Him.  To “Know” means to be intimate with or to have a relationship with. 

     We looked at what the LORD said in Matthew 7:21-23.  He declares that not everyone that believes in Him shall enter into the Kingdom of God, have salvation.  Only those that do the will of the Father which is in heaven will enter in.  When we are in a relationship with Jesus, we follow Him in the will of the Father.  Jesus says many will claim to do the work of God but God knows that they are doing what they want to do in His name.  To them, Jesus says I never “Knew” you.  I never had a relationship with you.  To have a relationship with Jesus is to live with Him in a life of prayer, bible study, church involvement and carrying out the Great Commission, Matthew 28:19-20.

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