John 10:1-11 ~ October 23, 2011

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From His Word in John 10:1-11, we heard from the LORD through the parable of the sheep and the Shepherd.  We heard that the most important thing that Jesus came to do was to bring all that were lost back into relationship with Him.  He has given me the theme from throughout the scriptures that “Salvation in not in a prayer.  Salvation is in a relationship that begins with a prayer.”  In John 10:2-5 the LORD shows us this in the parable of sheep and the shepherd.  In verse 3, He calls “His own sheep.”  This shows relationship.  In verse 4, He says that He puts forth or literally takes out “His own sheep” like a parent coming and taking their child from school.  The sheep follow Him for they “Know” His voice.  This speaks of intimacy.  They are intimate with Him.  They have a relationship with Him.  They know His voice, but do not know the voice of a stranger.  A stranger means in the Greek “Not akin.”  Having no relationship is the emphasis of what the LORD is saying that salvation is in relationship.  As we live in a relationship we are provided for, led in the right paths, protected, delivered, comforted, become like the one we are related to and given a new nature with the assurance that we have inherited our Father’s house eternally.  We saw this as the LORD used the 23rdPsalm to show all of this.   

 Next, the LORD showed us that He alone is the “Door” into this eternal relationship, John 14:6.   He has made the way for us through His own death.  The way to this eternal relationship was not opened to us because we were sinners.  Sin cannot come into the relationship, but the LORD came because He wanted us back from the thieves, the devil and his robber’s false religion.  The LORD made a way by His own death for sin in our place.  The wages of sin is death.  This is what kept us from this eternal relationship but on the cross Jesus, our Shepherd, came and laid down His life.  He took our death in our place, “The Lamb of God that takes away the sin.”   We are the sheep of the scapegoat as they did in the Old Covenant.  One innocent sheep was sacrificed and the sins of the people were confessed over it.  Then another lamb was set free.  This represents Jesus, the innocent, being sacrificed for our sin.  We are the people of the scapegoat.  This is the door, the way that all that receive Jesus as their shepherd, their LORD and savior, enter into the door, Jesus John 10:9.

Therefore, we first must enter into the door.  Enter into a relationship with Jesus.  In a relationship with Him, we will follow Him as Psalm 23 clearly shows.  As long as we stay in the relationship there is salvation.  If relationship is truly established there will never be a departing from it.   One more thing, there will be an evidence of the relationship.  You will follow Jesus.  You will be in prayer every day and in His Word (His letter to you), and you will be in church, involved in being with Him in the sharing the Gospel.

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