Jeremiah 1:11-16 ~ January 22, 2012

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As I sat before the Lord and asked Him what He wanted to say to His people, the Lord brought to my remembrance the passages in Jeremiah 1:11-16.  The Lord spoke to young Jeremiah and asked him “what do you see”.   I read the verses of scripture and then I closed my eyes as the words “what do you see” rang through my mind.  I began to type with my eyes closed as the Lord, I believe, took me through all the streets in my mind filled with images, pictures, and videos, if you will, of the things I’ve seen in my short time on this earth and so I began to type them.

The Lord brought back to my remembrance these things and more to cry out to His people and tell them that He sees their struggles.  He sees their torment inside because they are in a lukewarm relationship with Him.  The Lord showed His heart; That He is weeping and crying out for His people to turn to Him with their whole heart and begin to trust Him completely.

The Lord says He will hasten His Word to perform it in verse 12.  He is standing, waiting for you to turn to Him with your whole heart… And when you do, the new life will break forth as the “rod of the almond tree”.  He wants to perform His Word In you and give you new life in Him.  It is necessary because there is a pot boiling on the fire as in verse 13.  The enemy is boiling hot mad at God’s most precious creation, you, and he wants to take you out!  The only hope you have is to turn to Jesus Christ with your whole heart.  Will you be honest with God today and say, “God, I see the wickedness of my life as I stand before you, and I acknowledge that my only hope is you”.  Let’s be honest with Him as He asks us “what do you see” in OUR OWN lives.  Then let’s trust Him that He is merciful and waiting and wanting to forgive, no matter how bad it seems to us! 

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