Easter Mark 16:1-14 ~ April 8, 2012

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     The LORD spoke to us last Sunday, resurrection Sunday, from Mark 16:1-14.  This begins with Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary and Salome, the mother of John and James, coming to the tomb where Jesus was laid.  The LORD gave me what He said was the prologue to these verses that we may learn the full measure of this wonderful day. That is where we began.

     As Jesus comes to the Garden, the hour of propitiation is come. He must become the sin bearer, the satisfier of the Law of God against sin.  As He prays, Matthew 26:36-46, He accepts the will of the Father and the punishment for sin begins to be carried out.  He is first betrayed, captured, taken before His own countrymen and then the gentile Romans.  Isaiah 53:4-5 declares He is beaten, whipped, bruised, spit on, afflicted and smitten of God for our iniquities.  He became the sin bearer, the Propitiation.  Jesus had said this must be, Mark 8:31.  Then after drinking the full cup of God’s wrath for sin, a term used to represent the full extent of God’s wrath, He is cutoff out of the land of the living for the transgressions of God’s people, Isaiah 53:6-8. 

     No man took His life.  He laid it down, John 10:17-18.  As Jesus endures this shame, agony and torture, the miracle of Grace takes place.  A “Vicarious” transfer as evidenced in scripture, 2 Corinthians 5:21, takes place as the sins of all mankind were placed upon Jesus.  Through this miracle of Grace He is created sin for all mankind.  At the same time, His righteousness was given to all of mankind who receives His vicarious grace and they are Born Again.  As Jesus cries Mark 15:34, this vicarious transfer happens.  

     Next, Jesus descends into hell, to the prison of the captives of death having two areas Gehenna and Paradise.  He enters into Paradise to preach the gospel to those that died believing in and waiting for Messiah/Savior, 1 Peter 3:19, but did not know His name.  These captives are resurrected with Christ, Romans 8:11, and carried into the throne room of God in heaven.   

     Jesus then ascends to the throne with the Father to receive the kingdom, Mark.16:19.   From the throne Jesus pours out the power of God, the Holy Spirit, for those that receive Him that they may be Born Again, Romans

5:4-5.  Having risen from the dead Jesus now sits interceding, convicting, forgiving, cleansing and giving eternal life to those that are His Romans 5:10.  This verse says “And by His Life we live.”  We live today because He Is alive, convicting us of sin, hearing our confessions, cleansing us from all unrighteousness that we may enter into His Holy kingdom and He is keeping us for Himself.

     Now in Mark 16:1-4, these women find the grave empty with the exception of an angel.  The angel has a message that Christ has risen.  They leave and tell no one, like many Christians today who know that Christ is risen and has salvation for all but they tell no one.  But, Mary Magdalene turns back and the LORD appears to her.  She was the first to see Him.  She becomes the first evangelical as she goes to tell the gospel.  She tells the disciples but they do not believe.  Finally, He appears to “The Eleven” apostles and upbraided them about their unbelief.  Disciples, we are to be like Mary Magdalene and go and tell others that Jesus Christ is risen and has salvation and new life for all who will receive Him and believe what He did for them on the cross.

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