December 2nd, 2012 ~ Joel 1:9-2:1

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Let’s look again at what the LORD spoke to us from Joel chapter one. The Lord first reviewed what He had said to us from verses 1-7. He revealed to us that Israel had a sin problem that corrupted them and left them as Ephesians 4:17-19 declares. They were “past feelings.” In the Greek language in which it was written, it means they were apathetic, indifferent, no emotion, unresponsive. This was their response to the Law of God. They had become drunk on the pleasures of sin. This caused them to be invaded by a barbarous nation that plundered and destroyed their nation and culture. This was illustrated in the vines and the fig tree that had been “barked.”
The bark is the covering that protects the tree and the vine. The Lord used this to show that Israel had lost its covering, its protection because it had seared its conscious through the plague of sin, illustrated by the locusts, verse 4. He began to speak to us from verses 8-17 to show us six things that are the results their spiritual condition.
Verse 9 shows the result of their action caused the offering or worship of the people of God to be “cut off” from the Church. In other words, there was little or no worship in the house of God. In verse 10, because of the lack of worship, there is no true revelation of God leaving the religion of God with no anointing or power. In verse 11, He showed us that because of the lack of worship and discipleship there is no anointing which is the power to bring in the harvest. The harvest is the LORD’s speaking of souls. Do you begin to see that their plague of sin, being drunk in the pleasures of sin, had caused these six results? They are linked no worship, no true revelation leaving no anointing, no harvest of souls for God. In verses 11-12, there is no replenishment of the people of God, not much joy in the church because there are no more converts.
In verse 17, we are shown the seed is rotten under the dirt, meaning that the false gospel is rotten under the dirt of corruption of the apostasy. So, we see that because they had become “past feeling,” being drunk in the pleasures of sin these six points of apostasy had happened. The LORD showed us that this same thing is happening in the church of today and in our own lives.
Our own church is full of empty seats because this plague of sin has brought the lack of worshippers and disciples leaving no anointing, no harvest and a false gospel in the neighborhood. The LORD speaks to us of what we must do. First we must “sanctify a fast” meaning set aside a time to be with Him. Then call a solemn assembly to pray about the cause of the plague, sin, and the six results in verses 9 through 17. Gather the ancient and all the people and cry in anguish for the LORD to send grace and revival. Are there any in the congregation that would be willing to give up their lives and time to do this? When I first came into Christianity there was a possibility of that happening, but now I don’t think so but this is the only answer to our problem.

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