December 16th, 2012 ~ Joel 2:12-27

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The LORD first spoke to us from the word “Therefore” in Joel 2:12. This word is referring to what had been spoken in verses 1-11. The LORD using prophetic language pictured the destruction that would be done by the army of God, the army that He had allowed to come because of the sin of His people. This is an army of judgment that is allowed to come because the walls of God’s protection have been torn down, have been discarded. These walls are God’s morals, values and protection found in His Law.
This prophetic picture is happening right now to us in the American church. Not in every church but in most of modern Churches of today, not only in the modern churches but in ourselves. I know we would like to put it off on others but as the LORD spoke to us, He did it for the purpose of every so called Born Again Christian to “Examine your own selves, whether you are in the faith.” The LORD is calling us in verse 12 to return to Him, to enter back into the fortress and protection of His Law, His presence. Simply stated, He calls us to “Repent.”
He said in verse 12 “turn even unto me.” The LORD desires that His people would turn or repent from the image of the world and they would walk in His image. But, He tells them they cannot do this halfway. A halfway repentance is tantamount (meaning equal or equivalent) to no repentance. He does not want a repentance where you rend or tare your garment which would be tarring your garment in an act of being sorry. Today we would put ourselves in physical and mental pain to show our remorse, but then we would continue to do the sin that would be half way repentance meaning no repentance.
The religious priest of the medieval Catholic Church would whip themselves as an act of tarring or rending their garment. Notice the LORD says rend your heart. The whip could not reach the heart only the garment of flesh. The LORD is calling us to “cut.” That is what the base of the word rend means, to cut. He wants us to cut away our heart, “it is evil and there is no good thing in it” Jeremiah 17:9. The idea is found in Jeremiah 4:4 which declares God wants us to circumcise our heart and not our flesh. To do this requires that you determine not to do the sin anymore and ask the LORD to help you by His Spirit.
Next, in verses 15-17, the LORD spoke to us that we cannot do this until we have done a full repentance. Then we can do what He asked us in verse 15, “Blow the trumpet in Zion.” Zion represents the kingdom of God here on earth. To blow your trumpet is as Isaiah 58:1 “Cry aloud, lift up your voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgressions and their sins.” This is what the LORD wants us to do once we have truly repented. We are to gather the Church before the LORD and call them to repentance.
This has to be a true repentance, a tarring of the heart and not of our outer garment, our personality. Many people can so easily bringing tears to their eyes and then later return to the sin that brings the judgment of God. If you have ears to hear, hear what the LORD is saying to you.

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