August 5th, 2012 ~ John 18:3-4

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Last Sunday the LORD spoke to us from John 18:3-4. In verse 3, He taught us from observing Judas. He brought to our attention the question where and how did Judas get a band of men from the chief priests and Pharisees? Of course He knows the answer but He wants us to look, see and learn from this.
We learned that Judas was a man that the LORD created for His glory; a man that the LORD loved and was not willing that he should perish. The LORD gives each of us a free will to choose the way we will go. Judas was chosen by Jesus to be a disciple. Judas was a highly educated man different than the other disciples who were fishermen. The LORD gave him the “Bag”, the combined money of the band of disciples for their needs. Judas joined the band for a purpose, not to follow Jesus and serve Him but to follow Jesus to influence Him to do the agenda that Judas had.
This agenda was to maneuver Jesus into the Sanhedrin to display His power and to lead them to drive the Romans out of the land of Israel. At some point in the LORD’s Supper in John 13 Judas, as he was being tempted by satan, found out that Jesus’ plan was to allow Himself to be taken and crucified to become a sacrificial lamb for the sin of the world. This was contrary to what Judas wanted Jesus to do. So Judas, who had already been in contact with the Scribes and Pharisees, after learning of Jesus’ will, allowed satan to enter into him.
He went to the chief priests and received a band of soldiers to bring Jesus by force before the Sanhedrin then Jesus would have to use His power and they would see and follow Him and carry out Judas’ agenda. Jesus having showed us this said that this same sin is committed by many of His disciples, Pastors and those that say they are His disciples but are not. Many are only using Jesus to fulfill their own agenda. Many supposed preachers are not following Jesus to fulfill His will but are only using Him to build their own kingdoms, their own name. In the same way many follow Jesus to fulfill their own happy, prosperous, successful lives and not to fulfill His will. The LORD called us all to examine ourselves and to make sure of our motives for following Jesus.
Next, in verse 4, we learned that although Jesus was going to go through great tribulation, He was in control. He came forth and said to the leader of the band “Whom do you seek?” He did this because He knew the joy that was before Him. We cannot have victory without being in a battle. Those that shrink from the battle do not have the joy of the victory. He knew that He must endure the shame, agony, and anguish of heart on the cross to have the joy of the victory in the saving of the souls of the captives of sin.
The Joy of this was greater than the pain and agony of the cross. The LORD spoke to us of the joy that is set before us of eternal Life in the kingdom of heaven with Him. It is the same with us. To receive this Joy we must go through tribulation, Acts 14:22. We must go through the battle of our soul with the lust of the flesh the daily battle to pick up our cross, Luke 9:23. We must crucify our flesh and give ourselves to the LORD and the daily battle to carry out the will of the LORD the great commission and to lay down our own agenda.

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