August 26th, 2012 ~ John 18:16-18,24,27

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Last week’s message of the LORD was from John 18:15-18, 24, and 27 concerning Peter’s denial of Jesus. The first point the LORD spoke of was from verse 17. He made the point that Peter had a “Reputation” that he could not hide. To this, the LORD spoke to us first that this was the LORD’s design. We were created in His image, Genesis 1:26. His image is Jesus Christ Hebrews 1:3. He is conforming us to be His image, Romans 8:29. We are to be an extension of the life and ministry of Christ Jesus. This is where the term “Christian” comes from. Christian means one who follows the teachings and life of Jesus called the Christ i.e. Christ-ans. Peter’s reputation was about the Gospel and life of Jesus. When people saw Peter they didn’t think there is Peter the fisherman the son of Jonas, they thought there is Peter the disciple, the follower of Jesus.
Peter had been sent out by Jesus being anointed to preach the Gospel, heal and cast out demons. After the Resurrection, when people knew Jesus was coming, they would bring out their sick, crippled and diseased that even his shadow would pass over them Acts 5:15. The disciples that went out into the world had a reputation of “Turning the world upside down”, Acts 17:6. The early disciples lived their lives for the name of Jesus Christ Acts 9:27, 29, 15:26 and 2 Thessalonians 1:12.
The LORD spoke to us by His Spirit that this truth is not known by most in the modern Church. This truth has been lost, covered up by the false gospel that is believed today. This false gospel is, “Just believe in Jesus, pray asking for forgiveness and you will be saved and go to heaven.” While it is true that when we pray trusting what Jesus did on the cross we will be saved and have heaven as our home in eternal life but what is left out is that we must repent of our lives, the way we live. When we truly become Christians, we no longer live for ourselves but our life is the life of the Spirit of God that comes into us in the “New Birth.” Jesus said we are to lose our lives and to take His life Matthews 10:39. Jesus gave us His life to carry out His mission of the Gospel.
The LORD reminded us of the parable He had spoken in Luke 19:11-26. I do not have the space to explain it so you will need to read it. The truth we want to understand from this parable as we consider the subject of “Reputation”, is Jesus gave us His name, His life in His Spirit to “occupy”, to bring His Kingdom to society and we should be increasing the kingdom of God by His Gospel, His name. Unfortunately, most Christians are like the servant that buried this gift of His name, His life, having not the reputation of Christ Jesus but a reputation of their own personal life. I do not know about you but this is scary to think that so many called Christian are really not and will be cast into hell because they had a reputation of themselves and not the reputation of Christ Jesus.

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