August 19th, 2012 ~ John 18:14-18

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As we continue to look at John 18, the arresting of Jesus, last Sunday we heard the LORD speaking to us from verses 12-14. We began with verse 12 as we saw Jesus being bound. To the natural eye this would appear to be a tragic moment but as we have seen in past weeks this is being directed by Jesus. All of this would not be happening except that the LORD had initiated it. It must be. Sin must be removed from mankind so that they can be saved from the judgment of sin and death. We learned three things in these verses. One, we see that Caiaphas, the High Priest, is the man that God uses to set the wheels of salvation in motion. In John 11:47-52, we see that the LORD gave Caiaphas a prophecy that he spoke that set the goal of the actions they would be taking to bring this sacrifice to fruition.
As Jesus was showing us that He was giving Himself to be bound, the LORD took us back to Abraham and Isaac. Jesus told us how He told Abraham, the possessor of the promise of Messiah the savior, to take his only son Isaac, the next in line to be the steward of the promise of Messiah, to Mount Moriah and there offer him as a sacrifice. We saw that Abraham did not argue with God but in faith obeyed knowing that if Isaac was sacrificed that God would raise Isaac up. As they went up the mountain, the LORD spoke to us of how Isaac knew that they had no lamb to sacrifice but did not protest or question. He kept going toward fulfilling the command of the LORD. Isaac helped his father build the altar knowing he was going to be on it. Then when his father said, “son put your hands together,” he did not run or fight. He obeyed, allowing his father to bind him and lay him on the altar.
That was the place where Jesus was now, the same Mount Moriah now called Calvary. What happened to Abraham and Isaac was a foreshadowing of what was now taking place between The Father and The Son Jesus. Jesus knew that He was the sacrifice. As Isaac looked at his father’s eyes so Jesus eyes were on His Fathers eyes in obedience. Isaiah 53:7 declares, “He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.” So we see that Caiaphas, the high priest, was the man God used to start the sacrifice. The second point is Jesus is the man/God come down from heaven to be the sacrifice.
The LORD showed us one more man that was to complete this great event of salvation. This great act of salvation would be of no value to mankind if this third person was not fulfilling their calling in the Grace of God to the world. The LORD spoke to us of the Apostle Paul to whom the LORD said, “Paul is to be a vessel that will bear witness of My Name before Gentiles, kings and the people of Israel.” Paul was used to build the church, the body of Christ, which would go and make disciples, baptizing and teaching them. Yes, we, the members of the LORD’s Church, are the ones that are to go with the Gospel to tell them of the great gift that God has given to us in Christ Jesus.

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