August 12th, 2012 ~ John 18:4-14

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Last week we heard and learned from the LORD from John 18:5. He spoke to us from the scripture as the band of men and officers from the temple came to arrest Him. Jesus had asked them whom did they seek? They replied, “Jesus of Nazareth” to which Jesus replied, “I Am.” This name “I Am” among the Jews was the first name that they were given of God. Before the time the Moses came to them in Egypt and told them that “I Am” had come down and sent him to lead them out of the land of slavery, they only knew Him as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The soldiers came for Jesus of Nazareth and He answered, “I Am.”
The LORD had a lesson for us in this. Though Jesus was raised and lived in Nazareth, He had been born in Bethlehem Judah which was the place that was prophesied in Scripture that the Messiah would be born, Micah 5:2. This was a mystery. Though He was born in Bethlehem Judah as the scripture foretold, it was kept a mystery by God. The LORD taught us from Matthew 13:10-12 that the mysteries of the Kingdom are only for those that have followed Jesus and have a disciple relationship with Him. This band of soldiers from the temple of God did not know Jesus as the Messiah. They only knew Him as the Jesus from Nazareth. Therefore, the mystery of the Kingdom of God that Jesus is the Messiah was not known to them.
This is the way many know Jesus. They only know him as a man of history called the son of God that was the great teacher of the things of God but their eyes are blind to the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. Let’s speak of some of these mysteries, the important truths of these mysteries.
The first truth is that Jesus is and was the Messiah that came into the world that He had created with salvation, deliverance from the slavery of sin, the judgment of God and the sentence of a real burning hell. Another truth was that it was the will of the LORD that everyone that received Messiah would have eternal Life. But, this only was given when one repented, turned away from the life of the world and followed the teachings and life of holy Jesus.
Next the LORD spoke to us of the name. He said that He was, “I Am.” This Holy name is also a mystery. It means, “I Am the God that exists; I am real, I live, I am not something imagined or written about, “I Am”. This name is God speaking to His creation, “I Am the one that made you and holds your destiny in my hand.” As Jesus spoke this, the power of His name was exalted and drove the band not only backwards but to the ground.
This was a band of men numbered at least two hundred that were hardened soldiers. They do not fall easy but they were like straw to the power of God. In this, the LORD taught us that He was not merely a man of history or imagined. He is the God, the creator to be feared. Always remember Proverbs 16:6. We need to fear and reverence Him and turn from evil. There is enough that we have learned that we need to apply to our lives.

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