2 Chronicles 7:12-22 ~ September 11th, 2011

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The message that the LORD gave to us on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks was found in 2 Chronicles chapter 7. Starting at verse 12, we see that the LORD appeared to solomon and told Solomon that He had chosen this place for Himself as a place of sacrifice. The LORD was telling us that He has revealed Himself to us and has chosen us to be a living sacrifice to Him before the people of the world. He is God, and if He has to allow judgement to come (because of our sin), He tells us how to come out of His judgement. He tells US in verse 14 (those who name the name of Christ)  that IF we humble ourselves and pray, to seek His face and turn from our wicked ways. He says THEN He will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land. The 9/11 attacks should have been a wake up call for Christians in America. Many Christians rose to the occasion and fell on their faces and worshiped. It is sad, as Soju John (in the video) said, that many of us are closet Christians until calamity strikes. Soju John realized that the 19 terrorists were willing to die for the cause of a lie, and that he was guilty of not sharing the greatest cause of all… The Truth of Salvation through Jesus Christ. Soju suddenly realized that the people he worked with everyday, many of them are now dead in eternity without ever knowing Jesus Christ. The LORD asks us to do this same inventory of our hearts. He stands at the door of our hearts and knocks and pleads with us to tell the one next to us about His love and grace that is there for them if they will turn to Him. He is calling us to ask ourselves how we can keep silent as we just watch people die around us every day.

We are the house that the LORD has chosen in verse 16 and once we turn to Him with our whole hearts, not just partially, His eyes and heart will be there from one sunset to the next (perpetually). He tells us in verse 17 that if we will walk as David walked before Him and keep his commandments He will establish Himself as LORD over us (as we are true Israel and He is Lord over Israel). David wasn't perfect. David made mistakes. David had a man killed to be with his wife. Why then does God want us to walk as David before Him? David repented. He acknowledged his sin before the LORD. He didn't try to justify himself and manipulate God. David knew that he was sinful and prayed earnestly before the LORD and sought Him with his whole heart. That's what He wants. Thats what He is saying in verse 18. He is God and with His blessing comes His mercy. His mercy is warning us that if we turn away from Him and forsake Him judgement will surely come (vs 19). He warns us that if we get comfortable again we will become as a proverb and a byword among the nations. Many people wondered on 9/11 why this happened to America. Many people were astonished as the LORD said they will in verses 21 and 22. The world was astonished and amazed at the attack on America. The LORD says, wake up America! Wake up Christians and turn your hearts back to Me! Just acknowledge your sin and I will forgive you! There is hope, but hope is useless without an action to move in the direction of it. Many would say "I hope i'll go to heaven" but never take any action to move toward it. That hope is dead and useless. Hope is only for those who are willing to be obedient. The LORD's call is this: Are you willing to listen and obey Me today? Are you willing to turn your heart back to Me, wholly and not partially? For all have sinned and fallen short. Let's all be real with the LORD and acknowledge that we have sinned in His sight and fall down and seek His face and turn back to Him. He is strength and salvation to the righteous in the time of trouble. He will help and deliver them because they trust Him. (Psalm 37:39-40). 

My prayer is that we will once again get very real with the LORD and not make excuses for our sin, but humbly acknowledge it before Him and repent and turn from it to seek Him with our whole heart!  Amen!

Pastor Michael

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